Over the years as a wedding photographer, I have come to realize that I love stories and I love taking photos. I view a wedding day as a story. It is a beautiful day where two people communicate their love for each other and commit their lives together while surrounded by those closest to them. Family and friends are invited to witness this special moment and celebrate it. The day begins with the excitement of waking up and ends with a smile in your heart. Everything that happens in between are the special moments to capture, the memories being made.

Every good story is made up of multiple parts including an introduction which sets the scene, the plot where the action takes place, and the conclusion. Your story doesn't start at the ceremony but during the preparation, the make-up, the hair, drinking coffee, and putting on the clothes that were specifically bought for this moment. Then the day continues with the first meeting, being with one another, saying "I do", eating together and all the specific parts that mean something specific to the couple. The day ends in celebration and what better conclusion can there be?

Each wedding, as a story, is unique. A wedding day combines the two unique stories of two people and creates one new story. This is the story that I enjoy documenting.